Pray to end abortion: 40 Days for Life spring campaign

By Jeff Jimerson

Fifteen years ago the very first 40 Days for Life peaceful prayer vigil was held outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in southeast Texas, with remarkable results. 

Starting today, you are invited to participate in an internationally coordinated 40-day-long period of prayer and fasting that will take place in EugeneSalem, and Portland — and more than 370 other cities around the world.

As a testament to the power of prayer and the grace of God, 99 abortion facilities have closed their doors since the first 40 Days for Life campaign was held in 2004. Amazingly, one of the 99 shuttered centers is the original Texas location (pictured above) where former Planned Parenthood clinic director and “employee of the year” Abby Johnson famously walked away to become a champion defender of the unborn.

In fact, Abby’s inspiring story has been made into a feature film that will hit the big screen later this month. (Click here to watch the Unplanned movie trailer.)

Yes, prayer is powerful and effective! (James 5:16) 

One life lost every hour

Does the thought of standing outside of an abortion clinic to pray quietly for an hour make you feel uncomfortable? I’ll confess, it does for me.

But I think a better question we should ask ourselves is, does the thought of abortion freely continuing in our communities — including by hurt and broken people within our churches — make us feel more uncomfortable?

Last year, 8,423 human lives were tragically lost to “safe and legal” abortion here in our home state. This means one preborn human child is being killed each and every hour of every day.

Our time, our responsibility

The great theologian Francis Schaeffer used to say, “In front of every abortion clinic in America there should be a sign that reads, Open by permission of the Church.” Do reading these words convict your soul, as it does mine? 

The 40 Days for Life spring campaign starts on Wednesday, March 6th. You can participate for one hour, five hours, or however many hours and days you are able to. Bring a friend. Bring your family. 

Get details on locations and sign up for vigil hours at the 40 Days for Life website