Your church. This summer.


Oregon Life United’s aim is to give every taxpayer in the state an opportunity to cast their vote to stop public funding of abortion. And this summer, in churches large and small, volunteers across Oregon will gather many of the 117,000+ signatures needed to make this happen.

One of our newest volunteers, Susan Huntley, recently coordinated a petition drive at her church in Southern Oregon called Trail Christian Fellowship. This past weekend, Susan and her team of volunteers were able to gather about 300 signatures on the first day of their petition drive.

Susan said members of her church have been eager to sign this petition. “They really want to see this on the 2018 ballot!”

“Being organized ahead of time — having volunteers ready and trained, having enough signature sheets and supplies — helped a lot,” she added. “We plan on collecting signatures three more Sundays this summer.”

Your church, this summer

It’s no secret that participation by Oregon churches is critical to the success of this petition drive. Simply put, we will only be successful when the Church (capital C) determines together to take a stand on behalf of women and babies who are being harmed by abortion.

We are grateful for the more than 350 faith communities who have already signed up to help gather signatures. We’re well on the way to reaching our goal of 500 participating churches by the end of this summer.

Do you attend a local church? Here are a few ways your church can be involved:

  1. Talk about the petition from the pulpit. These speaking notes (PDF) can help you or your pastor to communicate with church members about the petition.

  2. Gather signatures before and after church services. We recommend scheduling your petition drive on two or more consecutive weekends this summer.

  3. Pray for other churches to become involved. Also pray for wisdom and protection for petition organizers, those who are helping to gather signatures, and others who are on the front lines of this important battle.

What pastors are saying

Dozens of leaders and pastors from many denominations — including Catholic, Baptist, Nazarene, Assemblies of God, Calvary Chapel, and more — have added their names to our list of supporters. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“Too many unborn lives have been cut short by abortion, and too many women (and men) are suffering the emotional consequences of their decisions. I hope you will join me in making this a priority...”
— Bill Wilson, Lead Pastor, Oregon Ministry Network 

“Signing your name to this petition can make the difference between life and death for our tiny brothers and sisters hidden from our sight in the darkness of the womb.”
— Bishop Liam Cary, Catholic Diocese of Baker

“I highly encourage prolife churches to get involved with circulating petitions in an effort to help stop taxpayer funding of abortion in Oregon.”
— Randy Alcorn, author of Why ProLife? and more than fifty other books

How to get started

Talk with your pastor this week about why protecting women and babies from abortion is personally important to you. Then, ask for permission to gather signatures on Sunday mornings (or whatever day your church meets).

In order to be the most effective with your petition drive, you’ll want to get organized. Here are some links to get you started:

  1. Print this step-by-step planning checklist

  2. Order petition sheets

  3. Watch this 90-second training video

Additionally, you’ll find resources for planning and promoting your petition drive at

If you have any questions about gathering signatures at your church this summer, click the link above or contact Shannon Henshaw at (541) 286-3039 ext. 702 or