About Oregon Life United

Our mission is to pass Oregon’s first pro-life law.

We believe women with unplanned pregnancies deserve better than abortion. 

We believe there is no such thing as a “safe” abortion. Countless women carry emotional scars from past abortions they now regret. And every successful abortion ends with the death of at least one human being created in God’s image. 

Instead of using our tax dollars to fund unlimited abortions, we support efforts to provide pregnant women with parenting education, employment options, and health care that respects both the mother and her child. We also seek to connect women with pro-life pregnancy centers where their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs can be met.

We believe we are called to be a voice for the voiceless, and our time to take action is now. 

Our vision is for every member of Oregon’s Christian community to be unified and engaged in pro-life ministry through action, prayer, and financial giving. 

Who is a Christian?
Anyone who self-identifies as a follower of Jesus Christ. 

What does unified mean?
Unified means moving in the same direction. It means focusing on what we have in common, rather than on our differences. It requires open communication and a belief that we are stronger together. 

What is pro-life ministry?
Pro-life ministry can be defined as service toward others in obedience to God. And service is expressed through the words we speak, as well as through the ways we spend our time and money. As followers of Jesus we have a biblical mandate to be a voice for pre-born children, and to care for pregnant women in need. 

How will this happen?
Christians must be made aware of opportunities to serve pregnant women and their pre-born children. Pastors must be equipped to speak and lead on pro-life issues. Churches must make pro-life ministry a priority. And we must demonstrate pro-life leadership.

Our core values

  1. We serve pregnant women and their pre-born children.

  2. We serve the Christian community by being pro-life thought leaders.

  3. We demonstrate unity with other pro-life organizations.

  4. We are trustworthy.

  5. We are committed to sharing the truth in love.

  6. We are committed to prayer.

  7. We are committed to taking action.