Support Oregon Life United PAC with your political tax credit

Thank you to the hundreds of Oregonians who have contributed to make the Yes on Measure 106 campaign possible.


Contributions to Oregon Life United PAC qualify for the Oregon Political Tax Credit. This is a no-cost state tax credit that allows you to get back up to $50 (for individuals) or $100 (for couples) when you file your 2018 state taxes.*

Complete the form below to make a secure contribution using your credit card. If you prefer to mail a check you may send your contribution to: Oregon Life United PAC, PO Box 1620, Corvallis OR 97339.

If you have questions about making a contribution please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

*Please consult your tax advisor for more information. We’ll send you an email receipt now, as well as a printed receipt by mail at year-end.